Thursday, February 26, 2009

Phra Khun Paen (with one gold takrut), Luang Pu Tim, Wat PhraKhao (B.E.2548).

Luang Pu Tim from Wat PhraKhao, a great guru monk who've been conduct good karma his whole life. He's one of the most famous monk in Thailand. Luang Pu Tim's amulets bring great protection against evils/darkness, attractiveness, respect from all others, wealth/luck fortune. One great monk with full knowledge, his consecrate items are precious, at present he's one best guru monk of Thailand.

Phra Khun Paen Luang Pu Tim powerful blessing charm and attractiveness fortune to men wear. This Phim Yai (Big mould) batch (size: 3 x 5 cm) are rare and famous. In front of this Khun Paen amulet have one gold tangkai in the bottom. This amulet is made from holy powder and has been blessed properly by LP Tim. On the back presents 5 lines Karma Ancient language as protective Yahn and a little special gem.

Some worshippers said that after hanging these amulets they became instantly more attractive to the opposite sex. Some even say help increase worshippers’ charm and attractiveness. Help increase worshippers reputation. Help worshippers become successful in business and careers.

These amulets are known to be powerful, and even those of us that are not considered attractive will win the hearts of our desired love.
Moreover for people who want to succeed in negotiations with customers, partners or even bosses, the sacred power of the amulets could be very helpful to you.